The Real-Time Database for Cognitive Automobiles (KogMo-RTDB) is the key component of an integration framework for cognitive systems. It allows the publication of all relevant data within the system at a central place. Every piece of information is packed into an object. Objects are the smallest unit the database handles. The KogMo-RTDB provides a unified interface to insert, update and delete data objects. Published objects can be accessed by all other software modules if they are not intentionally protected. Modules can also search and wait for data. Modules can allow other modules to update the data of their objects. Data within the RTDB is preserved for a defined time span.

The KogMo-RTDB interfaces can be regarded as part of an outer framework for interprocess communication. The actual inner framework used within a cognitive module heavily depends on the engineering discipline it comes from: for the control level, this might be a robotics or control framework, at an artificial intelligence level an interference machine might be the choice.






The source code on this site is published under the Apache License Version 2.0. You must retain the copyright notice of the original authors of the KogMo-RTDB. (Other licensing models on request).

If you use the KogMo-RTDB in your own projects, I'd be pleased if you tell me about it. If you agree, I'll add a link on
If you publish about projects using the KogMo-RTDB, please cite one of my papers and send me a note. The first paper on the KogMo-RTDB was the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles 2007 paper:
- Matthias Goebl und Georg Färber. A Real-Time-capable Hard- and Software Architecture for Joint Image and Knowledge Processing in Cognitive Automobiles. In Proc. IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, pages 734-740, IEEE Press, Juni 2007.